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Endurance is the time period between the onset of an essay and orgasm. This indicator is strictly individual, since, for example, a young lover who has no experience is not able to carry out sexual intercourse for a long time. The same applies to a man of an older age group, but not because of a lack of experience, but because of age-related changes in the body; Pause between intercourse. Penis strength is also measured by the refractive period (pause time between sexual intercourse); Penis thickness - measures the level of penis enlargement in the area of ​​the base and corolla; Penis length - the indicator is individual and largely depends on the size of the penis in its normal state; Elasticity. The test method can determine how much mass is needed to overcome the resistance of the penis in a state of essay. However, such an event should not be carried out on your own, because you can damage the organ; Rise level. At different ages, the penis rises to different levels. An almost vertical position is observed in youth, and after years, a member in an excited state rises only to the level of a right angle.

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Perhaps many men have faced problems in their intimate life. And in most cases, they are various manifestations of erectile dysfunction, and often impotence. The latter represents the inability of the penis to increase in length and volume. He is not able to straighten up or accept the firmness necessary for normal sexual contact. An essay does not occur, despite all the measures taken: affection, masturbation, romantic atmosphere, etc.

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There are rare cases when impotence occurs as an independent ailment, the disease is accompanied by other problems. The causes of the disease are both physiological and psychological. A man can experience stress, depression, he is haunted by complexes of his own inferiority.

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The primary form, in which at the time of sexual arousal, an essay occurs repeatedly; Selective form. This type of violation does not manifest itself constantly, in other words, an essay can occur in one setting, but does not occur in another.

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But if the problems are of a psychological nature, you can cope with them on your own. After all, stress is the main factor in the absence of normal sex. It is necessary to improve the condition regularly, but gradually. Therapy consists in improving mood, creating a pleasant atmosphere at home and at work, supporting a man by a woman in difficult life situations.

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In addition to such an insidious disorder as erectile dysfunction, there is another problem: priapism. By the way, this disease has a female counterpart called clitoris. Priapism is a painful essay that is not related to sexual arousal. In the presence of a disease, blood does not fill the entire genital organ - the head remains soft. Another problem that arises with this ailment is that the penis cannot accept a calm state either as a result of masturbation or after intercourse. Clitorism is a disease similar in all respects to male priapism. It is observed quite rarely, and the main reason for its appearance may be the intake of certain medications.

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Exercise and strength training. For a normal essay, a representative of the stronger sex needs physical activity. Simple exercises at home or at the gym will help prevent blood from stagnating in your pelvic organs. If it is not possible to do exercises in the morning or go to the gym, replace the trip to work with walking. The optimal distance is at least 3 kilometers; Morning intimacy. Many doctors strongly recommend adding this exercise to your daily routine. In the morning, the body actively produces hormones, so men do not have to think about strengthening an essay - you can just enjoy the process; Stimulation of points on the feet. Many Chinese medicine specialists believe that there are points on the feet that are responsible for male strength.

The physiological causes of poor potency are usually health problems

And if you do not have the opportunity to visit a masseur, you can simply walk barefoot more, because it is not difficult to do this at home; Hardening and contrast shower. The benefits of hardening have been known for a long time, and the first step is a contrast shower, which trains blood vessels and improves blood circulation. To improve essay, you should regularly take such water procedures, alternately the field of the penis with warm and cool water; Regular intimacy. Perhaps the most pleasant and desirable remedy that will bring not only pleasure, but also a lot of benefits. The body reflexively reacts to stimuli, memorizing the state of arousal and orgasm. Therefore, it will be easier to get aroused next time.

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Also, the quality of essay is affected by unhealthy diet, excessive consumption of alcohol and essay..

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In the presence of all of the above ailments, it is recommended to visit a urologist and sexologist, and also strictly follow the recommendations shown.

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What is an "essay", how it happens, how it appears - what a man needs to know. Sexual life and the secrets of the functioning of the genitals have always worried people.

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What is an essay, why does it arise, can it be controlled and maintained until a ripe old age - these questions invariably "occupy" men. The nature of sexual arousal is not only interesting - understanding it helps to understand the causes of possible problems and eliminate them in a timely manner.

What is an essay: just about the main thing How does it arise? Types and types of essay: what do doctors distinguish? Psychogenic Reflex Spontaneous What does it depend on? How long does it take for a healthy man? The ability to control essay: what you need to know? How to learn to induce an essay when you want? What to do if there are problems in this regard: 1 + 10 tips Prevention: 5 tips to be satisfied and satisfied until old age.


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Most often, an erection is called an enlargement of the penis and the achievement of sufficient firmness for it to have a full sexual intercourse. The process is triggered by sexual stimulation, but it can also be spontaneous, especially in adolescence.